What is Scoliosis?What is Scoliosis? It is a condition where the spine bends towards one (thoracic scoliosis) side (either left or right) abnormally. The bend can be moderate or severe. In scoliosis, any part of the spine can be bent but the chest area is the most common region or the lower part of the back (lumbar scoliosis).

According to the National Health Service in England, in 80% of cases there is no known cause.

Scoliosis Facts

Majority of the cases of children with Scoliosis requires no treatment as the condition resolves on its own as the child grows. A very small number of patients with scoliosis may require surgery. If left untreated, the condition can lead to serious chest, pelvis, spine, heart and lung damage.

Abnormal lateral and rotational curvature of the vertebral column.

There may be one curve; primary and secondary compensatory curves depending on the etiology. Scoliosis can be mobile due to unequal muscle contraction or “stationary” as a result of bone or muscle deformity.

What Is Scoliosis Signs and Symptoms in Children?

  • Leg lengths uneven
  • Rib cage is non-symmetrical
  • Ribs at different heights
  • Head not centered above the pelvis
  • One hip is more prominent than the other
  • One shoulder blade is higher and more prominent than the other
  • Leaning towards one side
  • Clothes do not hang properly
  • Even shoulders height

What Is Scoliosis signs and symptoms in babies:

  • A bulge on one side of the chest
  • Consistently lying curved to one side
  • Shortness of breath and chest pain (due to improper function of heart and lungs in severe cases)

In the vast majority of cases though scoliosis is not painful.

Diagnosis of Scoliosis

Physical examination is sufficient to detect a rib “hump” or a prominent shoulder blade caused by rotation of the rib cage in thoracic scoliosis. It is more prominent when the patient is bent forward. Confirmation of scoliosis is obtained by a special X-ray film called a scoliosis film.

What are the Causes?

There is no definite cause but most are due to developmental problems.

Can Scoliosis Be Prevented?

Good diet and regular exercise. Scoliosis is more common in low body weight patients.

Scoliosis Treatment Options:

  • Use a back brace, which is usually effective,
  • Monitoring and regular medical check up to look for worsening of the curvature,
  • Bracing to help moderate cases,
  • Surgery may be necessary for the severe cases.

The Cure For Scoliosis:

Our doctor has to examine the patient, look at X-ray scoliosis film before he can detail the most suitable treatment plan for speedy recovery. So make an appointment with us today. The sooner you start seeking consultation with our doctor, the sooner you’re recover from the problem of Scoliosis.

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