Treatment Neck Pain
Treatment Neck Pain

What is neck pain? Here it refers to pain located in the neck, usually at the back or sides of the neck. A new study shows that simple exercises at home is more effective than medicine at getting rid of a painful crick in the neck.

Treatment Neck Pain

Neck pain can come from a number of disorders and diseases of any tissues in the neck, such as degenerative disc disease, neck strain, whiplash, herniated disc, or a pinched nerve.

Neck and Arm Pain Facts


To evaluate Neck and Arm Pain it is necessary to review the patient’s history and symptoms. Attention is focused on the intensity, location, duration and radiation of the pain. Any past injury to the neck will also be noted. Examination is done when in motion and at rest. To determine whether nerve involvement is involved, an examination of the nervous system is performed. Further testing includes X-ray evaluation, CT scan, bone scan and MRI scan.

Neck Injury

With all neck injuries care must be taken to evaluate the cervical spine . Spinal injuries can sometimes be masked by pain elsewhere. If there is any suspicion of spinal injury, the neck should be immobilized and the athlete transported to hospital immediately.

Injuries to the larynx

The voice box or larynx is hollow and composed of elastic cartilage lined with mucous membrane. Air reach the lungs by passing between the vocal cords. When the anterior neck sustained a blow (example a blow by a stick, a ball or an arm), the cartilage of the larynx can be depressed quite sharply. When the impact ceases, the cartilage springs back owing to its elasticity; when that occurs the mucous membrane may be torn loose.

This can result in bleeding between the cartilage and the mucous membrane and can spread to affect the vocal cords, which become swollen and cause hoarseness of the voice. The swelling can gradually increase until it obstructs the opening between the vocal cords to impede breathing. Children are particularly prone to this injury.Injuries to the larynx usually. However, injuries to the larynx usually heal naturally with no treatment other than rest and observation.

Wounds to the neck

Wounds to the neck can involve the large blood vessels running to and from the heart. Injuries of this type are serious though uncommon. They can occur in ice hockey when a skate hits the neck or during accidents in motor sports.

If profuse bleeding occurs it must be stopped immediately by pressing a towel against the wound and applying constant hard pressure. The injured person should be transported to hospital immediately. Protective collars are mandatory in ice hockey.

Treatment Neck Pain Options

The treatment of neck pain depends on its precise cause. Treatment options include:

  • Rest,
  • Heat / Ice Application,
  • Traction,
  • Physical Therapy (ultrasound, massage, manipulation),
  • Local injections of cortisone or aesthetics,
  • Topical Anaesthetic Creams,
  • Topical Pain Patches,
  • Muscle Relaxants,
  • Analgesics,
  • Surgical Procedures.

What’s The Cure For Neck and Arm Pain?

Our doctor has to examine the patient, diagnose possible underlying causes, diseases, whether nerves are concerned, look at X-ray before he can propose the most suitable treatment plan for speedy recovery. So make an appointment with us today. The sooner you start seeking consultation with our doctor, the sooner you’re rid of your neck and arm pain.


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