Hallux ValgusThe big toe in your foot is known as the Hallux. When it starts deviating inward towards the inner toe, the condition is termed as Hallux Valgus or, more commonly, a bunion deformity. When the deviation starts, a bump is slowly visible in the inner portion of the big toe above the metatarsal bone. The prominence is known as a bunion. The condition could be a hereditary one or could be caused by wrong shoe wear. The condition slowly aggravates over a period of time.

Facts of Hallux Valgus

Development of a Bunion

The term Hallux Valgus denotes what happens to the big toe. Valgus denotes the deformity in a direction away from the body midline, where the toe starts pointing out of the foot. Other changes also take place, such as the development of too much of an angle of the first metatarsal bone in another direction. This results in the creation of an angle between the first metatarsal and your big toe, where there is a point sticking out in the inner edge of the foot.  The Hallux Valgus starts developing due to the pressure of your shoe at this point of the angle. The bunion is consists of swollen tissue caught between your shoe and the bone under the skin. The continuous pressure results in thickening of the bone, increasing the size of the lump rubbing against the shoe. When the deformity keeps increasing the second toe is also displaced upward and this results in the second toe continually rubbing against the shoe.

The problem of Hallux Valgus is usually caused due to abnormal rubbing, as the soft tissue in the feet is caught between the hard bone present on the inside and the shoe that is outside. The bunion is usually very painful. For some, it also presents a cosmetic problem. It is very difficult to find a proper shoe to wear. Women, especially, find it difficult, as they cannot wear fashionable shoes and want to wear it.

Extent of Discomfort

When deciding on the kind of treatment for Hallux Valgus, you need to consider the extent of the discomfort. When you have a bunion, the condition gets worsened by wearing shoes. Hence, the kinds of shoes you wear are very important. Some people have very small bunions but might experience great discomfort while wearing shoes. However, there are others who live with the deformity and do not complain. The only way to tackle the problem is to change your footwear or to take some remedial action for the foot. In case, the discomfort is too much, surgery can also be recommended. There are different types of surgery that can be done, depending on the kind of deformity, the space between the metatarsals, the angle, arthritis problems and so on.

Treatment Options

A simple solution can be removing the pressure on the Hallux Valgus. You can reduce the pressure from the outside by reducing the pressure of the shoes. Inside, the pressure can be reduced by removing any prominent bone. Your doctor will make a careful physical examination, discuss your shoe wear and x-rays will be taken to view the important angles and decide on an appropriate treatment.

The Cure

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