Ulnar Nerve Neuritis

What is Ulnar Nerve Neuritis? The ulnar nerve runs along the medial edge of the elbow just behind the epicondyle where the flexor muscles of the wrist are attached. Pain can be felt radiating to the fourth and fifth fingers if the medial posterior aspect of the elbow is accidentally hit. In throwing activities or racket […]

Trigger Finger and Thumb

What Is Trigger Finger and Thumb? This condition affects the movement of the tendons as you bend your fingers and thumb towards your palm. This movement is known as flexion. In simple terms trigger finger is a common disorder of the hand which causes painful snapping or locking of the fingers or thumb.     The […]

Tennis Elbow or Lateral Humeral Epicondylitis

What is Tennis Elbow or Lateral Humeral Epicondylitis? Tennis is a popular sports played by people of all ages. However, some players can get medical problem in the elbow region. Injury also occurs in racket sports such as badminton, table tennis, golf and squash. Those who are on jobs that require repetitive, one-sided movements (example electricians, carpenters) […]

Osteoarthritis Fingers and Thumb

What is Osteoarthritis Fingers and Thumb? Unlike what most people understand, arthritis is actually a complex disorder comprised of several distinct conditions and characterized by a common symptom: pain and inflammation of the joints. One of the most common forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis (OA), otherwise known as degenerative arthritis. Most people who have osteoarthritis […]

Mallet Finger

What is Mallet Finger? Just think about how much we used our hands and fingers, then you’ll have no problem understanding why injuries to our finger are common. Fortunately, majority of finger injuries heal by itself. One such injury is an injury to the distal interphalangeal, or DIP, joint of the finger. During sporting activities like […]

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